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  • 04 Sep 2017

    Missouri Changes Work Comp Retaliation Standard

    Beginning August 28, 2017, the standard for Missouri workers compensation retaliation claims changes from "contributing factor" to "motivating factor." Crucially, this single word makes a huge difference to injured workers that are terminated for exerting their legal rights. The BiState Law Center publishes a website dedicated to helping injured workers through the Missouri Workers Compensation system. You can read this full article, and get all of the information you need on your Missouri Work Comp claim at www.stlouisworkcom.com.
  • 04 Jul 2016

    Missouri Workers Comp – Prevailing Factor

    The Missouri Supreme Court applied common sense in allowing a doctor to testify about the prevailing factor that caused a worker's injury.  This is a crucial element in winning a Missouri Workers Comp case. An injured work must get a medical opinion that the work itself was the “prevailing factor” in causing both the medical condition and ongoing disability. Learn more about how to prove "prevailing factor and other crucial information about your Missouri Workers Compensation Case at Missouri Workers Compensation  Attorney.com.