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May 20, 2016
  • 20 May 2016

    Children Injured In Millstadt Illinois Bus Crash

    Children Injured In Millstadt Illinois Bus Crash I first saw the headline on Facebook - "Two students taken to hospital after Millstadt bus crash."  My heart jumped into my throat, because this bus accident hit very close to home.  I grew up in Millstadt and went to Millstadt Consolidated School, just like the children on this bus.  I've driven on Imbs Station Road thousands of times, and I immediately began worrying about friends and their kids.  Needless to say, my thoughts and prayers go out to these families who have been impacted by this crash. School Bus Crash and Safety As a personal injury lawyer that practices in Illinois, my mind eventually starts asking questions like "Whose fault was this bus crash?"  School buses require special attention because they transport our children to and from school.  Not only are school bus drivers held to higher standards than other drivers on the road, school districts must take […]